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Leodoran Financial serves private capital market participants – asset managers, service and technology providers, consultants, institutional investors, individual professionals, and industry associations.

Limited Partners

Balanced and informed operational, communicaitons, and management services for institutional investors and their trustees, who themselves must balance many layers of fiduciary responsibilities, industry affairs, and accountability to beneficiaries, policymakers, and regulators.

General Partners

Operational excellence training curriculum, waterfall expertise, industry affairs, strategic management services, and market research.

Consultants, Service & Technology Providers

Thought leadership, branding and marketing, strategic planning, procurement expertise, gap and swot analyis, operational training.

Industry Associations

Collaborative services with communications expertise, industry affairs focused support, and opportunities for agency cooperation.


Executive advisory services that are discreet and designed specifically for professionals in the private capital markets.


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Nothing is solved without first understanding what is needed. Our team works with you in confidence, listening first to best understand the hurdles and the desired outcomes.


The planning stage involves market research, analysis, and mapping the path forward.


Leodoran works with your team to layout the dashboard, tasks, and milestones for success.


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Leodoran has served, contributed to, and partnered with some of the
top organizations around the globe in private capital markets.

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From Our Founder

The ADS Initiative

The Adopting Data Standards Initiative is focused on fostering a collaborative and conflict-free forum to build momentum in private capital for global data standards. ADS seeks to promote standards that will allow for optimisation and data interoperability in the GP-LP reporting exchange with an informed and realistic timeline expectation for adoption in the industry.

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